Trying Out Food in a New Place

One of the things that will probably excite you the most when it comes to visiting a new place is the food. While this may involve some risks, especially when it comes to health, surely it still won’t be enough to steer you away from the opportunity to explore. When the opportunity to eat a new delicacy presents itself, don’t shy away from it; and dear, this is especially true in France. Here’s a list of the food that you must definitely try for yourself when you find yourself in one of the most food-rich countries in the world.

Top Food to Try When in France

  1. Try out the Duck Confit. Originally devised to preserve fresh duck meat for future consumption, the confit method consists of cooking duck thighs in their own fat, until the meat is spectacularly moist and fork-tender. The classic side is pommes sarladaises, heavenly garlicky potatoes sautéed in duck fat.
  2. Get a baguette and taste it for the first (definitely not the last) time. It is safe to say that Paris is the place on Earth with the highest density of top-quality, artisanal baguettes. Each year a competition is held to elect the 'Meilleure Baguette de Paris', and the list of best-baguette awardees is a good resource to select your provider. Don’t forget to tear off the crusty, still-warm tip and nibble on it as you walk away, as any self-respecting Parisian does.
  3. If you’re into sandwiches, try the Jambon-beurre. Like all city dwellers, Parisians often need to eat on the go, and the jambon-beurre is the most Parisian of sandwiches. You can buy it from corner bakeries or order it from the counter at most cafés; in both cases it will come as a fresh half-baguette, its insides smeared with cool butter and garnished with 'jambon de Paris', a pink-hued cooked ham, with optional cornichons.

Some Food (For Thought)

Visiting a foreign country, such as going on an Amsterdam holiday, will perhaps be an exciting experience for you. Still, you need to take some necessary steps to make the visit more comfortable for you. For example, when in France, check out some rental cars coupon code and discounts. That way, you won’t have to worry much about getting around.