The Fear of Being Misinformed When Travelling

Needless to say, the few weeks before your travel period will be that time in your life when you will be most bombarded with information. While some of these might be helpful, there will also be a few facts which will only lead to harm or danger. At the very least, some sinister people will probably want to strike fear in your heart and tell you something completely untrue. At the end of the day, it still pays to know some “facts” about France, if only to prove that they are actually just myths.

Top Myths About France and the French People

First myth: “French people are rude.”

It’s sad how this stereotype has led to a misinformed image of the French people. This is easily the commonest stereotype about the French, and the most inaccurate. The French are among the friendliest and most helpful people. But like every other nation, there are cultural differences that lead some to believe the French are rude. The French tend to be more direct than either the Brits or the Americans; they say what they think without dressing it up in fancy language and that can come across as rude.

Second myth: “French people hate Americans.”

This generality is completely untrue. The French, in fact, do a much better job than Americans in separating the idea of the American people from the American government. Of course there are some French people who dislike Americans, but most are friendly and polite to their U.S. visitors. In fact, French teens and young adults often try to emulate Americans.

Third myth: “French people stink.”

Well this is just plain mean. While you may meet an occasional French person whose body odour would take your breath away, or whose breath stinks of garlic, this is actually quite rare. Yes, the French aren't as obsessed as Americans are about daily showers and the scent of soap. But most practice perfectly acceptable hygiene, and it is unusual to encounter a person who stinks here.

In the end, instead of filling your head with useless myths, it’s still better to prepare yourself by buying what you’ll need for France with the right promo codes, to be applied when you shop online.